An inside look at Vanderbilt's spring practices

Vanderbilt opened spring practice on March 15, but waited until this week to treat onlookers to an inside look at the Commodores' practices. When the pads came on and drills got intense, the Vanderbilt athletic department broke out the cameras for a segment called V60, a one-minute snippet behind-the-scenes as James Franklin's team prepares for the 2013 campaign.

On Monday, Franklin introduced the "Star of Truth", where one offensive player and one defensive player engage in 1-on-1 combat on top of the Vanderbilt star with the entire team looking on.

On Tuesday it was time for "Dore Wars". Four offensive players, four defensive players and one ballcarrier.

Finally, everything built to a crescendo with Thursday's goal line scrimmage. A full offensive front against a full defensive front on 1st and goal from the four yard-line. Who wins?

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