'I've been to 13 straight bowl games, each approach is different'

Saturday's Pinstripe Bowl against Syracuse will mark Dana Holgorsen's 13th straight bowl trip. But according to him, being a bowl veteran as a coach doesn't make things any easier when it comes to preparation.

"This is my thirteenth straight bowl game and all thirteen have been a different approach. When it's a different city, when it's a different time, when it's a different opponent, or different facilities...everything is different."

"You can go back to the same bowl game and because of the timing it can be a different situation."

While the bowl game prep may be something that Holgorsen never gets used to, at least he'll have some familiarity with the Orangemen from their time together in the Big East. And if the offensive stats hold up on Saturday, it could be a shootout as both teams feature top 25 offenses that can march up and down the field on each other.

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