'It takes no talent to run to the ball'

New Penn State safeties coach Anthony Midget describes himself as an energetic coach who expects the best out of his players.

Part of getting the best out of your guys is being able to maximize their talent. As Midget explains, getting his guys to fly around and play fundamentally sound defensive football is very high on his list.

"I demand that my players be the best. That's my job...to maximize their talents while they're here and if I don't do that as a coach, then I've done them a disservice. My job is to get them to be fundamentally sound and to get them to play hard every snap." Midget explains.

Then he drops a quote that many coaches already use, and even more will pick up for use in drills, practice, and thier next coaching interview after hearing him say it.

"It takes no talent to run to the ball." he explains in the clip.

So true. Getting your defensive guys to understand that relentlessly pursuing the football takes no talent is a huge step towards having a solid defense. 

Hear more from coach Midget below.

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