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A photo update of Arizona's new facilities

With the Pac-12 network and all of its benevolence pouring money into the conference like a midwestern thunderstorm, West Coast programs are throwing up new facilities one after another. 

Director of player personnel Matt Dudek was kind enough to post a photo essay of Arizona's staff tour of the construction of Lowell-Stevens football facility and Arizona Stadium. We'll post the best photos below, but interested parties can view the whole tour on Dudek's Twitter account.

A view from Arizona's new end zone seating to the new field being installed.

Arizona endzone

The private players' entrance to Lowell-Stevens.

Arizona players

Rich Rodriguez inspecting his new corner office.

Arizona RichRod

 A look inside the locker room.

Arizona lockerroom

An outside look at the Lowell-Stevens football facility.

Arizona lowell

Construction workers play the role of the Wildcats as they storm the field from the tunnel.

Arizona tunnel

A look inside the Wildcats' future locker room.

Arizona lockers

Author: Zach Barnett
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