'There is no way a guy can fail here at Oklahoma State'

Really good feature here with Oklahoma State corners coach Van Malone where he spends a couple minutes explaining his unique coaching style, what it takes to succeed as a player for the Cowboys, and why the commitment to football in Stillwater is second to none.

"From the day that I walked in here as an assistant coach, I was impressed with the facilities because in my mind, facilities equal commitment."

"We are committed to the success of student athletes from the weight room, to the team room, to position meeting rooms. You have every resource that every school in the country has that will be able to help a young man prepare for an opponent and put them in the best position to be successful out on the football field." Malone explains.

"In my mind, there is no way for a guy to fail here at Oklahoma State."

That's the kind of confidence that really resonates with recruits.

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