Paul Johnson has high hopes for Georgia Tech quarterbacks. Very high.

After nearly three years as a starter, Georgia Tech quarterback Tevin Washington has graduated and he's taking his 2,225 career rushing yards, 3,312 passing yards and 38 total touchdowns with him. Vying to take his place are sophomore Vad Lee and redshirt freshman Justin Thomas.

Lee split time with Washington at the tail end of the Yellow Jackets' 7-7, Sun Bowl-winning 2012 campaign, accumulating 1,140 yards of total offense and nine touchdowns. Asked if he would prefer to continue splitting his quarterback reps or have one player snag the job, Johnson answered clearly.

“My preference would be for us to have an All-American that never had to come out of the game,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That’d be my preference. A Heisman Trophy winner.”

No matter how literal Johnson takes that goal, or how realistic it is, we wondered just what it would take for a Yellow Jacket quarterback to bring home the prestigous trophy named after the Georgia Tech legend. First of all, the Yellow Jackets would have to have an outstanding 2013 season. A win over Georgia and an ACC title type of season. And second, the signal caller would have to have an outstanding season. There are a few analogous cases we can examine that will help determine precisely how outstanding that season would have to be.

In recent Heisman history, there have been four true run-pass quarterbacks to win the Heisman trophy, plus a runner-up from Georgia Tech. Here's how they fared. 

1999: Joe Hamilton (Georgia Tech) -  3,060 passing yards, 734 rushing yards, 35 total touchdowns
2001: Eric Crouch (Nebraska) - 1,510 passing yards, 1,115 rushing yards, 25 total touchdowns
2007: Tim Tebow (Florida) - 3,286 passing yards, 895 rushing yards, 47 total touchdowns
2010: Cam Newton (Auburn) - 2,854 passing yards, 1,473 rushing yards, 50 total touchdowns
2012: Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) - 3,706 passing yards, 1,409 rushing yards, 47 total touchdowns

Averaged together, Lee or Thomas would need 2,782 passing yards, 1,406 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns. To be safe, let's call it 3,000 passing yards, 1,500 rushing yards and 45 scores. A lofty goal, to be sure, but as Wayne Gretzky once said, "You miss 100 percent of the Heismans you don't shoot for." Or something like that. 

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