Assumption College gives young fan a 'Jack Hoffman moment'

The star of the 2013 college football spring season is without a doubt seven-year-old Nebraska fan Jack Hoffman. Turns out, the Huskers aren't the only program to give a young fan a "Jack Hoffman moment". 

First, a little backstory. The Greyhounds, a Division II program in Worcester, Mass., partnered with Team IMPACT, a Northeast-based non-profit organization based on improving the lives of children stricken with life-threatening diseases. Partnering with the program, Assumption drafted little Yan Perez, diagnosed with with a brain tumor called Choroid Plexus Carcinoma in August 2008 when he was just six months old. Not only that, they drafted his brother Jose, too.

The Perez family is from Florida, but travels to Massachusetts to seek treatment for Yan's tumor. 

Now that the backstory is established, let's watch the magic happen at Assumption's spring game last Saturday.

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