ESPN lists the top ten most profitable programs

ESPN has compiled a list of the top most profitable programs during the 2011-2012 season.

Texas finished as the most profitable program, generating nearly $78 million profit. Michigan finished a distant second at $61.6 million.

Not surprisingly, the top ten is led by schools from the SEC. Six SEC programs (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Arkansas), two Big Ten schools (Michigan and Nebraska), a Big 12 University (Texas), and independent Notre Dame made the final cut.

The entire top 10 list is below in order of profit:

Texas - $79.9 million profit
Michigan - $61.6 million profit
Georgia - $52.3 million profit
Florida - $51.1 million profit
Alabama - $45.1 million profit
LSU - $44.8 million profit
Auburn - $43.8 million profit
Notre Dame - $43.2 million profit
Arkansas - $39.9 million profit
Nebraska - $36.4 million profit

As far as revenue goes, Texas was the only program in the country that brought in over $100 million, and Alabama had the highest expenses nationally (nearly $37 million).

Only two programs listed above were able to finish in the top ten while compiling a losing season (Auburn and Arkansas). The article also points out that the largest revenue producer from a non BCS conference back in 2011-12 was TCU. 

Read the entire piece here, including more on how much different programs brought in, and spent last season.

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