Video: Sonny Dykes answers Twitter questions from fans

Taking a page out of the book at UCLA, as well as other programs that have adopted the idea, Sonny Dykes took to social media to answer Twitter questions from Cal fans, and even a hater or two.

Dykes take the whole segment in stride as he goes down the list answering each question, including one fan who asked Dykes how he felt about "stealing this idea from UCLA". Thinking on his feet as all good offensive minds do, Dykes responded with a witty "It feels good to me. Anytime you can take somebody's idea that they're doing and do them successfully..."

You can't sneak one by coach Dykes.

Some of the questions border on the strange (such as "Is fourteen white shirts too many?" at the 6:40 mark), but overall there is a lot of good content in here. Here's a breakdown on where you can find everything, as well as the questions that were submitted:

3:33 mark - "What changes has the new strength and conditioning coordinator brought to the program?" 
7:14 mark
- "How can you keep the fan base's attention leading up to the season?"
8:14 mark - "What lessons learned at LA Tech have helped you here at Cal?"
9:47 mark - "What are your thoughts on trick plays?"
10:40 mark - "How do you handle going against another up-tempo team like Oregon?"

Don't be surprised to see more and more coaches and athletic departments doing things like this to connect with their fan bases over the next several months.

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