'We evaluate our players using five words'

You'd be hard pressed to find a head coach that has spent as much time in front of a camera crew selling his program the past few months than Western Michigan's PJ Fleck. Fleck has hit the promotional trail pretty hard, releasing numerous videos outlining his vision for the program and overall coaching philosophy, with videos similar to the one below.

In this installment, Fleck explains how a conversation with a Navy Seal inspired him to look at his program a little differently.

In short, the Seal told Fleck that there are five different kinds of people in this world.

1) Bad people - Bad does not exist inside the WMU program. No bad people, coaches, players, students are allowed access.
2) Average people - "Think of the most average team of all time. You probably can't think of one because there have been so many average teams". Fleck adds that average people conform to one another, and people that follow are average.
3) Good people - "Good is for people who think good is good enough". Good simply isn't good enough for Fleck to build the program to where he envisions it.
4) Excellent people - Telling someone they're excellent puts a limit on people because excellence is a standard. Everyone strives for excellence.
5) Elite people - The small group of uncommon people who have reached excellence that strive to reach a higher goal are the "elite". Reaching that level requires elite training. Being elite means changing the way you think, walk, act, talk, speak and live.

We recommend listening to the entire clip from coach Fleck below. This is obviously an idea that he is passionate about and may have an impact on how some coaches look at things.

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