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The folks from Advent are at it again with another masterpiece. This time they're showing off the work they did to the athletic offices at Central Michigan.

The task that Central Michigan gave Advent was to update the wall space in the hallways and weight room in the athletic department's main building while also telling the story of Chippewas athletics. This is a program with a proud history of 15 conference championships and six bowl appearances since 2006. 

Brad Wachler, CMU's associate AD for business affairs, said, "Without a doubt I think it's become a huge recruiting showcase for us and that's what our goal was. This is where our football recruits walk through, but beyond that, now I see a lot of other coaches from other teams bringing their recruits through here now. 

"From a football perspective, when you see that NFL wall, when you see our championships, those are our showcase elements. When (recruits) see those successes, they're going to want to come to CMU."

Author: Zach Barnett
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