Three and Out - London calling?

We started a new feature here at FootballScoop on Thursday, Three and Out. We're keeping things short and sweet - three observations, stats or otherwise noteworthy tidbits across the world of football. 

1. Reading Jason La Canfora's report on the NFL's desire to expand its branding across the pond certainly seems like it's a matter of when - not if - the Jacksonville Jaguars permanently become the London Jaguars. This fascinates me from a coaching perspective. Would they hold training camp in the States, or somewhere in England? My guess is they'd do the first half in America (there would certainly be some available infrastructure in Jacksonville) and then go to London until the season starts. Would the London Jaguars have a harder time or easier time attracting assistant coaches? My gut says they'd have to doubly overpay for assistant coaches. Once to offset one of the world's highest costs of living and a second time because, well, it's 3,500 miles from the East Coast. Would the same thinking hold true for free agents? And, if so, what chance would the team have to succeed? Does anyone agree with me, or am I overthinking it?

Of course, none of this stuff is going to matter if the NFL's powers-that-be have their minds set on opening a new market to The National Football League. It's really hard to get NFL owners to see any other colors once they catch a glimpse of some green.

2. We promised stats in the introduction and have yet to deliver, so here's a stat to make you the smartest guy or girl at the pool this weekend. Longest FBS winning streaks by conference: Big Ten - Ohio State, 12; Sun Belt - Arkansas State, 8; Pac-12 - Stanford, 8; Mountain West - Utah State, 7; SEC - Vanderbilt, 7; Conference USA - Rice, 5; Big 12 - Baylor, 4; MAC - Central Michigan, 4; American - Syracuse, 4; ACC - Virginia Tech, 3. 

3. Time can play some funny tricks on you. As of today we are now 12 weeks away from the first Saturday of the college football season. Seems like a long time, right? Apply the same amount of time from the season's first Saturday to the season's 12th Saturday, and suddenly it's November 16. Somehow 84 days feels like an eternity and a hummingbird's heartbeat at the exact same time. 

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