Chip Kelly's practices are 'like nothing the NFL has ever seen'

We all knew Chip Kelly would bring a new look to the NFL in one way or another, and according to a piece by Yahoo Sports, his practices have a few twists that would surprise even the most well traveled NFL veteran.

During organized team activities and mini camp Kelly has made a few entertaining, and purposeful, additions to the Eagles' practice plan.

For example, it starts during warm ups when an assistant carries a camera to film running backs catching passes and taking handoffs from the field level during walkthroughs. Yes, they're paying close attention even during the walkthroughs with just the running backs and quarterbacks. Our guess is Kelly and the staff take the film and review the finer points of ball security, footwork, and the mesh points during film study and assess the back's ability to pay attention to the finer details.

Kelly and the Eagles staff have also equipped a few on the field coaching assistants with shoulder pads with giant nets attached to them. These are aimed at simulating the arm span of a 6-foot-4 defensive end during passing drills.

While other coaching staff's have their own way of simulating the same situation and getting the same effect, the contraption that Kelly and his staff came up with is the real story (see picture below, courtesy of the Yahoo article).

Along with the addition of music at practice with the occasional siren blaring, Kelly has also changed the options in the cafeteria. The menu has flipped from offering "great football staples of bovine products" to healthier options such as fruit smoothies.

And it sounds like his players are buying into all of the changes. Even the smoothies.

"Even if it doesn't do anything for you, you believe it will," defensive tackle Cedric Thornton explained, referring to the smoothies.

That's the power of Chip Kelly and the staff he's put together in Philly. We're looking forward to seeing how everything translates onto the field on Sunday's.

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