The Pac-12 is set to make exactly how much TV money?

A month ago we outlined how, thanks to commissioner Larry Scott, Pac-12 dollar figures will soar in the coming decade. Now, thanks to Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury-News, we know exactly how high those dollar amounts will fly.

The conference pulled in just north of $85 million in television revenue in 2011-12, before a 12-year contract splitting the conference's TV rights between ESPN and Fox. 

That's chump change compared to what the league will haul in in the not-too-distant future.

2013: $185 million
2014: $194.25 million
2015: $204.54 million
2016: $215.06 million
2017: $226.14 million
2018: $237.78 million
2019: $250.02 million
2020: $262.9 million
2021: $276.42 million
2022: $290.66 million
2023: $305.62 million
2024: $321.34 million

Add it all together and you get $2,969,730,000. A dozen years from now, the Pac-12 will pull in nearly a third of a billion dollars per year before a single bowl dollar, NCAA Tournament unit or Pac-12 Networks advertisement is sold. 

That'll buy a whole lot of blocking sleds. 

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