Leach: 'We have the most fascinating conference in the country'

Mike Leach joined Mark Packer on Sirius XM Sports to share his thoughts on "the most fascinating conference in the country" Friday.

Leach explained that the diverse geographic locations of the universities, as well as the different schemes and quality coaches on both sides of the ball are what makes the conference so unique.

"It's more diverse from top to bottom as far as the style of play, where everybody plays, how they go about it than any other conference." Leach said.

"There are a couple conferences that are pretty homogenized, they're going to run right, run left, and play action pass and then other guys are just 'put your butts together, throw one hand grenade and kill all of us'. In the case of the Pac 12 though you're going to feel the different shapes, styles and dimensions, and the full variety."

With the addition of Sonny Dykes, the conference is top heavy on offensive minded head coaches. But Leach's point reminds of us of why watching Pac 12 football in the fall is so entertaining.

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