Herb Hand breaks down how to use social media to recruit

One quick look at Vanderbilt offensive line coach Herb Hand's Twitter account will show you that he's a coach that loves recruiting and knows the best way to connect with his target audience.



There's good reason why Hand is highly regarded not only as an offensive line coach, but also in the recruiting world. The man gets it, and his interview with Bleacher Report delves into how he utilizes social media to communicate and connect with recruits.

“The access is 24/7,” Hand said about the role that social media plays in recruiting. “The toughest part is that you can have constant contact with kids, staying up all night sending messages if you like. It’s a challenge to balance football, recruiting and, of course, your family.”

Hand says when he talks to recruits it goes way beyond schemes and blocking assignments because, from a recruits perspective, getting to know their coaches ultimately plays an integral role in their college decision.

“I don’t want it to be just about X's and O's, because that’s not the type of relationship I have with my players. You have to make your decision on the school and the fit, but coaches are very important.”

Beyond just being a way to communicate, social media is also an important evaluation tool for Hand and every other college around the country. For many staffs its a free way to make sure their scholarship money and valuable time and energy are going into players that are going to work hard and represent the program the right way.

“We’ve dropped kids because of what they’ve posted on social media. It may not be just because of that, but it can create a red flag. It’s another valuable piece of information.”

Hand shares a lot more insight in the original article, which can be read here.

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