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In North Carolina high school playoff action over the weekend, Davidson Day high school outlasted Harrells Christian in a scoring frenzy that would make even Oregon jealous.

Davidson ended up winning 104-80, and quarterback Will Grier set the national passing yardage record with 837 yards through the air to go along with his 10 touchdowns (which ties the national record). Grier has thrown 64 touchdowns on the season.

Harrels Christian running back running back Russell Washington also put up some ridiculous numbers, carrying the ball 46 times for 429 yards and 8 touchdowns. The eight touchdowns in a game was good enough to tie for fourth nationally.

The game lasted nearly four hours (the final buzzer sounded around midnight) and Davidson Day scored on all but one of their possessions, while never leading by more than 24 points. After the game Davidson Day head coach Chad Grier (Will's father) told NewsObserver.com "I sure didn't come in with a plan for us to score 104 points, and I sure as heck didn't have a plan to give up 80."

It's rare to feel a sense of both accomplishment and disappointment after a game, but the bottom line is that a win in the playoffs means you're fortunate enough to be playing next week.

Here's an interesting note. Of the 26 NBA teams that played on that same Friday night, 20 of them failed to put up more points than Davidson Day did. Impressive job.



Author: Doug Samuels
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