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Tanner Wood, a Kansas high school quarterback at Conway Springs high school, rewrote the state record books this past Friday, carrying the ball 36 times for 659 yards and accounting for 9 total touchdowns in a 84-56 win over Chaparral (KS).

The new state rushing record crushed the previous record of 488 yards set back in 1998.

While the final score makes it look like a blowout, the Wichita Eagle reports that the game was tied at 48 midway through the third quarter before Conway Springs ran away with it, scoring the next 36 points in a quarter and a half.

What makes the accomplishment even more impressive is that the quarterback, Tanner Wood, plays both ways, starting at linebacker on the defensive side of the ball, and still had over 300 yards of total offense at halftime. And by the way, he's verbally committed to Kansas State.

To put this all in perspective, the 659 yards in one game is more than ten FBS teams have rushed for all season. Boston College, Oregon State, New Mexico State, Hawaii, Maryland, Idaho, Miami (OH), UAB, Washington State and Tulane all have less than 652 yards rushing as a team through at least six games this season.

Also, Tulane has accounted for a total of nine touchdowns (Wood's total touchdowns in the game) through seven games.


Author: Doug Samuels
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