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SEC media day quotes: Steve Spurrier

A few notes from Steve Spurrier's media day presser...including some classic Spurrier quotes.

-On the SEC schedule: "It's easier to win the National Championship than the SEC. Ask Nick Saban"

-"A few years ago, if someone stuck around at South Carolina 4-5 years you were a solid citizen. I think we may have 8 or 9 fifth year guys now."

-On the amount of stress he feels: "It's not a stressful job...We have excellent assistant coaches"

-On conference newcomers Texas A&M and Missouri: "It would not surprise me if they were in the hunt (for the SEC title)"

-On the schedule: "You think I make the schedule? If I made the schedule Georgia would be playing LSU and we'd play Ole Miss."

-On recruiting Texas: "No, we will not recruit Texas...not going to go in and compete against Texas and Oklahoma and all them guys." Spurrier added that they would focus on South Carolina, their border states and the surrounding area.

-On the playoff system: "If i was calling the shots, we'd have 8 teams

-On the job that James Franklin has done at Vanderbilt: "He's go his team beleiveing they can beat anyone they play," he said. "They play with a lot of fire and energy, just like Coach Franklin"

-On a selecting the playoff teams: "Probably the best way is similar to the way that they've been getting the first two teams, and then just add teams three and four."









Author: Doug Samuels
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