The staffs of Auburn and Alabama battled for a recruit on the dance floor

While I noted that Tom Herman won the recruiting story of the year earlier this week after being stranded in traffic for 17 hours, I'm now having some second thoughts after hearing what happened last night between the staffs at Auburn and Alabama at an 80 year olds birthday party.

You see, Auburn and Alabama are both going hard after five-star recruit Rashaan Evans. So hard in fact that both staffs attended Evans' grandfather's 80th birthday celebration last night at a hotel in Auburn.

"When we got to the party about eight o'clock it was a packed house at the hotel. We walked in and the first people we saw was the entire Auburn staff standing there on our left and to my right was Kirby Smart and the Bama staff." Evans' father explained to AL.com. "I was like 'This has never happened in Auburn before and probably never will again.'"

After being pulled to both sides of the room to shake some hands things got real interesting.

"Then the live band started playing and the Alabama and Auburn coaches hit the dance floor. It was unbelievable. I just couldn't stop laughing." Mr Evans noted, saying that people in attendance starting to cheer for either the Tide or Tiger staff.

"It was like it was a football game but it was being played inside the hotel. Auburn took on Alabama and have to say Auburn stood their ground but Kirby Smart began to take over as the night went on. He was all over the place, talking with everybody he saw. You would have thought he was at home in T-town."

No word yet on if any video has leaked from this event, but we're really hoping something surfaces soon so that we can see the staffs in action and judge the impromptu dance battle for ourselves.

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