SEC West programs use different strategies for summer football camps

Coaches have different philosophies on summer camps.  Some staffs want to get as many students as possible on campus, while others want to focus on evaluating prospects and closing in on commitments. 

When it comes to summer camps, there are plenty of college assistants the dread the days.  As one coach told us, "If I could find the guy that started all these summer camps back in the day, it was probably Bear Bryant or someone, that guys would get at least some verbal abuse from me.  It would probably get physical, actually."

Today, we take a look at the different strategies from the SEC Western Division programs.  

Alabama will host two different 3-day camps for high school athletes (one in June, the other in July), a 3-day camp for ages 8-14, a 1-day high school OL / DL camp, and a 1-day high school kicking / snapping camp.

LSU will host two different 3-day camps for high school athletes (one in June, the other in July), a 3-day youth camp, two different 1-day kicking camps, and a 2-day 7 on 7 camp.

Auburn will host a 3-day camp for grades 4-12, two different 1-day camps for grades 9-12, a 2-day kicking camp, a 2-day team camp, and a 1-day special teams camp.

Arkansas will host a 3-day high school camp, a 3-day junior high camp, a 1-day youth camp, and 1-day junior/senior prospect camp.

Ole Miss willl host a 3-day camp for ages 4-8, a 3-day camp for 9-12 graders, a 2-day senior camp, a 1-day senior camp, and a 1-day 7 on 7 camp.  Houston Nutt elects to host camps from June 4th – June 11th, but also second senior camp is on July 23rd.

Mississippi State will host a 2-day camp for ages 5-12, a 1-day 7 on 7 camp (4A-6A schools only), a 2-day quarterback camp, a 2-day skill position only camp, a 2-day OL / DL camp, a 2-day kicking / snapping camp, and a 1-day 7 on 7 (1A-3A schools only).  Dan Mullen chooses to conduct all of his camps between June 2nd – June 10th.

Surprisingly, neither Alabama or Auburn will hold a 7 on 7 camp.  


Tomorrow, we will look at the SEC Eastern Division schools.

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