Jerry Kill kills it at presser with enthusiasm, charisma, humor, and vision

We just finished up watching Jerry Kill’s introductory press conference at Minnesota. 

He killed it…certainly winning the presser with enthusiasm, charisma, humor, and vision.  (We'll try to get some video, later)

Here’s some of Kill’s quotes:

“I’m a small town guy.  Grew up in a town of 2,000 people.  I grew up very simple.  Walk-on player at Southwestern College.” 

“I have no hobbies except coaching football and family.”

“If I can capture that lady (wife), I wasn’t her first choice.  I was second or third down the line.  So this is the first time I wasn’t the first choice.”

“I am who I am.  This is me.  I’m not a guy that holds a card.” 

“Bud Grant, Tony Dungy, I said ‘Jiminy Christmas,’ I get to be a part of this!”

“It’s not Jerry Kill’s football team.  This is OUR football team.”

“If we can get in one direction, we can make this happen.”

“I’m a roll your sleeves up guy.  My motto is “we will outwork people.”

“From a media standpoint, we need you.  It’s your team.  It’s your team.  It’s not Coach Kill’s team.”

“That’s why (staff continunity) we’ve been able to turn it around (at Southern Illinois and Northern Illinois).  I’m going to make sure we get the best coaching staff for the University of Minnesota.”

“We want to be a multiple offense, line up in 2 backs, but at the same time run some spread option and read option.  I like an athletic quarterback.  I want a fast team.” 

“I was the best man in Gary Patterson’s wedding.  You look at them (TCU), they are athletic.  We want to recruit speed.”

“I’m not going the quick fix way.  We’re not taking any short-cuts.  We are going to honor the commitments made.” 

(on when he will contact the current commitments) “Today.  If I have to go all night.  We’re going to work.” 

“I love the journey.”

"My mom will be here at every game.  If we don't win, she'll said, 'Boy we didn't play well today.'"

“We’re going to go through the journey and we’re going to work hard. As long as we’re all together, we’ll get the results.”


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