Watch the ECU equipment staff drown in boxes of new gear to prepare for camp

Camp report day for colleges around the country is just around the corner...it will be here before you know it. While coaches are trying to enjoy their last few weeks off putting the finishing touches on their plans for camp, the equipment guys are busy preparing for the arrival of 100+ players. 

At the FBS level that's an enormous amount of work. ECU provided a glimpse of what that process looks like with this video.

"Over the last three weeks it's been absolutely incredible in here...we've received over 1,000 boxes." director of athletics equipment Erik Lewis shares in the video, noting that not all of them are full as he pulls one pair of gloves from a box that could probably fit at least 50 pairs.

Lewis and his staff probably spent a day (or perhaps a few) unloading the boxes and organizing and taking inventory ofeverything in the boxes anticipating report day. Imagine what this same process looks like at someplace like Alabama or Oregon.

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