These HS helmets are the first of their kind


According the Shiloh Christian's (AR) website, the Saints will be taking the field this fall with a brand new custom gold chrome helmet unlike any other gold dome out there.

The Saints apparently worked hand in hand with Riddell to select a "Championship Gold" color that would help their helmet stand out from other gold lids.

As their site explains "The new helmet is the first of its kind in high school football. The new paint developed by Riddell has a reflective chrome-like aspect to it, while still maintaining the gold color and sheen. While the Saints have worn different shades of gold throughout the years, this helmet brings it all into one shiny, vegas gold that truly represents the Shiloh championship tradition."

Head coach Josh Floyd noted that their aim was to do something for the kids that would help set them apart, and this hits the mark. The helmets still maintain their old integrity while incorporating a modern flavor of sorts, and the video certainly helps the overall allure as well.

It's not everyday you get to work hand in hand with a company like Riddell to create your own color, so props to Shiloh Christian and head coach Josh Floyd for a job well done on these. There really isn't a whole lot that a lot of programs feel like they can do with the traditional gold helmets, but coach Floyd and his guys proved that notion wrong.




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