North Texas AD explains decision, compliments Todd Dodge

North Texas AD Rick Villarreal explains decision behind Todd Dodge’s dismissal: “Coach Dodge has some great skills, but I can tell you that being the head coach of an intercollegiate football team is a different world. There is a skill set you need. He was great in some areas, and like all of us, wasn’t good in others. We tried to work through it, but at the end of the day, we are where we are.”

“We felt like the success that he had in the state and the coaches he had made contact with would benefit us in the recruiting process. To some degree, that happened. We never made the hire because everyone would be excited today and then we would suffer down the line. We believed, and there were a lot of people with me, that [Dodge] could make the transition.”


Going forward at North Texas, Villarreal explains: “We are going to go out and look for coaches with a proven track record at the collegiate level, whether it is it is a coach who is a head coach at a school that would see North Texas as a better position, or a coach who is out of the business this year or two years who has a proven track record, or a highly successful assistant coach.”

“It will be a very quick, but thorough process so that we can truly go down the road in recruiting and get out there,” Villarreal said.


AD say he would recommend Dodge and commends coach for his class: “I would be more than happy to recommend him. He has a lot to give to young people and is a good teacher. He aspires to be at this level.”

“Todd was very understanding. He was a little apologetic and said that he was sorry he didn’t win any more games. He has been a class act through this whole process.”


Construction video of the new North Texas football stadium that will open in 2011:


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