MacIntyre says Bama vs Boise State "would be a super game"

San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre in the only coach in the country to have played  against Alabama and Boise State this year.

On Wednesday, MacInytre said Bama vs. Boise State “would be a super game.”

"Boise's very athletic. Those two receivers (Titus Young and Austin Pettis) will be playing on Sunday, there's no doubt in my mind about that." 

"Their defensive backs are big and can run. You can't block their defensive line, and their quarterback (Kellen Moore) is as good as there is. And the whole team plays with a chip on its shoulder.'

"You don't know exactly how it would play out until they get on the field, but I think Boise and Alabama would be a super game."

In related news, Alabama radio personality Paul Finebaum has just written MacIntyre a thank you note for fueling today’s broadcast, which airs from 3-7 pm EST.  Bama fans undoubtedly will have feisty reactions today. 

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