Herbstreit privy to inside info at UNC, Saban talks about rule he hates

Kirk Herbstreit says he’ll be shocked if Butch Davis loses job:  "I've been privy to a lot of inside information that I'm really not at liberty to speak about from talking to some folks at UNC."

"When all this comes out, I think people will realize what the deal is. I think if they were to dismiss Butch it'd be a huge mistake."

"A lot of the facts aren't necessarily out there - when people hear the facts, I'll be shocked if Butch Davis loses his job."


Official NFL career stats: Over past 20 years, 15,018 NFL players, but only 631 (4%) played 3 or more years.  Average career is 3.7 seasons.  Have to put in 4 seasons to receive benefits.


Kent State’s huge pay day: Alabama has agreed to pay Kent State a total of $1.2 million to visit Bryant-Denny Stadium for the 2011 season-opener. 


Nick Saban says it start with intangibles: “The first thing you have to play with is good intangibles.  If you don’t have the effort, toughness, and discipline, then the rest of it is never going to come.  I wanted the team to improve when we were winning, but nobody cared about it then because they were all satisfied because we were winning.” 

“I think the 40 second clock has been a good addition to college football.”


Saban’s response on if there are any NFL rules he would like to see implemented at college level: “I don’t really know of any.”

“The one rule if you are a defensive coach, you absolutely hate…offensive players that can block down field on passes behind the line of scrimmage….that’s really a great advantage for the offense.  There some plays that you really just can’t defend.” 


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