Video: Paul Rhoads' Cyclones celebrate during post-game locker room speech

When Paul Rhoads led Iowa State to a 9-6 win at Nebraska in 2009, the post-game locker room speech became a YouTube sensation.  Rhoads’ “I’m so proud to be your coach” speech has been viewed 290,000 times since hitting the internet.

On Saturday, Rhoads took his team to Austin, Texas and led Cyclones to a 28-21 win.  The Cyclones forced 4 turnovers and outrushed the Longhorns 196 yards to 99.

Once again, the post-game celebration and Rhoads’ locker room speech were captured on video.

You’ve got to love college football.

In excitement, Rhoads’ says, “Somebody handed me this game ball and there are a lot of place it could go, BUT (pause) that’s Cyclone football ain't it?  We don’t need a damn game ball for that.  That’s Cyclone football right there!” 



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