Bill Stewart says WVU overlooked 'Cuse, Kelly says Irish won't fall apart

Bill Stewart says West Virginia took Syracuse lightly, cost the Mountaineers: "Like, 'It can't happen to us. It can only happen to South Florida. It can't happen to us. We're West Virginia. Well, bingo."

“(We were beaten) between the ears, from the shoulders up. I know they were not nearly as impressed with Syracuse before the game as they were after the game," he said.

"I am not pleased in the mental approach in the Mountaineers’ football game after cautiously being reminded over and over by the coaching staff. I’ve coached longer than these players have been on this earth so, they better trust their old coaching staff. They worked very hard, and I know they were not nearly as impressed with Syracuse before the game as they were after the game."

TCU head coach Gary Patterson trying to get seniors to 40 wins, Frogs host UNLV: "I'm just trying to get to 9-0. I can get my senior class to 40 wins if we win this weekend."


Dabo Swinney says Clemson (4-3) is 18 points away from being undefeated: “This week, we really threw and caught the ball a lot better, which allowed us to have the rhythm that we needed on offense. As a result, we were better on first-down, which led to I think our best game of the year on third-down. Sixty percent on third-down, you’re going to be pretty good.”

“I’m not real happy where we are. I wish we could go back in time and change a couple of those plays. You’re 18 points away from being undefeated. That’s where we are. That’s frustrating.

Brian Kelly says Irish won’t fall apart like last year: ''Last year you lost to Navy and you lost the rest. That means this football team fell apart.'We're not going to let this team come apart. I just talked to them from my heart -- here's what I see. Here's what happened. Here's what's going to ave to happen as we move forward.'' 


Dooley frustrated, but will make sure to have fun: "Well, it's not very fun when you're not winning. But every now and then, if you crack a smile it's not the end of the world, either. I just think perspective is always important and keeping a positive attitude is always very important, but it doesn't mean that it's fun. The fun is in getting it right and winning, so I'm not really trying to have fun -- the way to do that is perform well and win football games."


East Carolina linebacker Dustin Lineback describes Ruffin McNeill: “Coach Ruff is a players’ coach to the max,” senior linebacker Dustin Lineback said. He’s all about family, he’s all about doing the right thing and being professional. It’s really a blessing to play for him.”

“He loves being here. He wants to be here. He’s not going anywhere unless they get rid of him. The camaraderie around the players and the coaches is unbelievable. It’s way stronger than it ever was since I’ve been here. You don’t let him down because he cares so much.”

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