Mack Brown ticked at presser: Playing hard at TX doesn't count. Winning counts.

Mack Brown is frustrated with the inconsistent play and the personality of his football team.  The Longhorns suffered a terrible 28-21 loss to Iowa State on Saturday.

Today, Brown stated, “Playing hard here doesn’t count.  Winning counts.”

“We’re immature.  We have some entitlement on our team, like we had in 06 and 07.  We have to fix that.”

Explaining the loss to Iowa State, Brown said, “I saw a desperate Iowa State team and a team coming out of Lincoln feeling too good about themselves. It’s not about talent level.  That has nothing to do with it.  If you have enough talent to beat Nebraska in Lincoln, you have enough to beat Iowa State in Austin.”

“8 months after playing a conference title and for a national championship, our coaches are not stupid.  They understand we shouldn’t have lost to Iowa State in Austin.”

“Coach Muschamp felt we probably did too much.  Our defensive line got tired, so we should have played more people.  In talking with Coach Davis, we should have stayed more balanced and kept with the running game longer.” 

“I’ve been really hard on the coaches, really hard on the players.  My job is no different that and CEO that’s trying to get results.”

This Saturday, Texas hosts Baylor, who is ranked and bowl eligible after defeating Kansas State 47-42.

“It won’t be a week where we have to worry about respecting Baylor.  You just turn on the film.  47 points, 42 points, they are ranked and we are not.”

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