Lane Kiffin takes blame, Neuheisel passes on post-game question

Lane Kiffin upset with his own performance following 53-32 loss to Oregon:  “We were terrible on offense. I wasn't very good myself. I didn't get us in a rhythm. Matt didn't play very well. (But) I didn't help him very much.

“They blitzed over 80 percent of the time. I should have helped him with easier completions. I felt we had to press and be aggressive because of who we were playing against so we didn't have a lot of 4- and 5-yard completions.”


Trailing 26-21, Rick Neuheisel decided to go-for-it on 4th & 11 from the UCLA 19 yard-line with 2:23 remaining and three timeouts: "That's all speculation, and since I don't have to, I don't have to answer the question. I make decisions based on the facts at hand. I felt like it was the best choice."


TCU head coach Gary Patterson doesn’t care about polls: "What difference does it make if we're third or fourth? It makes no difference. It doesn't mean anything to me. We have to beat Utah, period."

(College Gameday is going to Salt Lake) "They know all that stuff. Athletes aren't like that. That's for fans. All they care about is the next opponent."

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly wants Irish to improve as a program down the stretch without numerous players due to injury: "There's so much more to it than just winning the game. We can still be moving forward and being closer and closer to where we want to get to, even without those (injured) players. … We can continue to make progress even though it's not how progress is defined."

(Kelly was criticized for a play-call late in the game) "Over my career I have not second-guessed my play-calling. You always look at the execution of a play, and whether the players are in position to execute it."


Hawaii offensive coordiantor Nick Rolovich disappointed despite 45-10 win over Idaho: "It was a little sloppy. We dropped some balls. We missed some protection. We missed some throws. We're going to need to clean that up going into next week's game. But the kids played well enough to win. They made some plays. And Mo had a great game. You don't expect him to go (1-for-7) to start the game, but I thought he made some big throws down the stretch. After the first (two) series, he was pretty lights out, I thought."


Dan Mullen is happy about 24-17 win over Kentucky, but knows Mississippi State passing game has to come along:  "No matter how many things we have to improve on, which (is) an awful lot, it always leaves a big smile on your face. And we'll enjoy it, I promise you that."

"What we have to do is clean up our pass game. I don't want to change the 214 yards a game running. I just want it to be over 200 passing as well."

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