Another $12 million for Texas. Plus, what gives Utah a chance

According to OrangeBloods.com , ESPN has agreed on a 10-year agreement to pay $12 million annually to Texas to distribute the Longhorn Network beginning in 2011: The $12 million is on top of the Big 12’s annual payout to Texas for television revenue.  In all, Texas will be making over $30 million per year in television revenue.   


AJ Green on Alshon Jeffery, referencing Lane Kiffin’s so-called comment that if Jeffery went to South Carolina, he would end up pumping gas: "He's not pumping gas. Trust me."


Utah co-offensive coordinator Dave Schramm talks about QB Jordan Wynn and explains team’s unselfishness: “He’s already to a point where the play is about to get called and he knows what’s about to get called. That’s how we game plan. Everything we do is designed for situations. He understands how our game plan is broken down. He knows as the game is going down, OK we crossed the 50, we’re getting close to the red zone, expect this blitz and I know we’re going to go to this.”

(on the team’s unselfishness) “It’s coach (Kyle) Whittingham. What he preaches to this team is: We’re a family. Without a doubt not every single guy in the locker room goes out to picnics on the weekends, but when you come on the field, you have to understand we as coaches are going to put you in the best situations.”

Lane’s advice to Sarkisian as UW prepares to play at Oregon: "I just told him, you better slow the game down, because they're so unique in what they do. Going (down) there without his quarterback, he's going to have his hands full."

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