Pat Hill makes strong statement about Boise State

After taking a 51-0 thrashing at Boise State, Fresno State head coach Pat Hill made a few strong statements about the Broncos.

Hill said, "They got all the pieces, I mean they really do. I think the truth of the matter is people are scared to play them. They don't want to play them. It's like last year when they put Boise against TCU. They don't want to play against those types of teams. I'll say it. I have no problem saying it. I'll take Boise State against anybody in the country."

"This Boise State team is the real deal. I hope they can make it to the big dance because they deserve it in my mind. I feel I can say that. We've played against some pretty darn good football teams in my time. Never have we been manhandled like that."

Boise State limited Fresno State to 125 total yards, 9 first downs, and 1 of 12 third-down conversions.  Boise State recorded 3 takeaways and added 4 sacks.  Fresno State completed just 6 of 23 passes. 

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