Have you seen Locksley's final poll? What about Whittingham or Akey's?

Whitt, Locks, and Akey have some interesting finals polls.

USA Today has the final rankings from all the coaches in the country.  Surprisingly, three coaches have placed Auburn at #3 in their final poll.

Kyle Whittingham, Mike Locksley, and Robb Akey voted Auburn at #3.  In fact, Akey (who coaches at Idaho for those of you who are wondering) voted TCU #1.

Ron Zook voted TCU #6.  Dan Mullen and Gary Pinkel voted TCU at #5.

Wisconsin finished ranked #4, but Jim Harbaugh placed Wisky at #8, the lowest of any coach.

Apparently, Mike Locksley doesn’t believe in Boise State.  Locks put the Broncos at #16, by far the lowest of any coach.  Locks also had Alabama at #23, by far the lowest of any coach.

Check it out right here.


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