Go inside Notre Dame's spring preparation like you've never seen before

Here's an extended, inside look at Notre Dame's spring preparation that you simply can't get anywhere else. While it is from the 2013 spring season (they waited to release it until yesterday) and some of the names have changed (Chuck Martin to Miami, OH and Bob Diaco to UConn) there is still a ton of great content in here.

Notre Dame's "Strong and True" installments have always provided a great look behind the curtains of Brian Kelly's program, but this one reaches a whole new level. It starts with the end of winter workouts and runs right through outgoing players on campus pro day.

At the end of one of the workout segments, titled "Camp Kelly", coach Kelly wrapped up the workout by noting two things; #1 that they didn't need to coach effort, which is a good thing, and #2 that he hadn't handed off the team to the seniors yet, because they haven't proven that they're ready to take it. That caught my attention, and Kelly explained his philosophy a little later.

"I think that everyone assumes that when you're a senior, now it's de facto "it's our team." But I turn the team over to you when you show me that you're ready to lead. We're working towards that, but we're not there yet." 

The rest of the video covers everything else surrounding the program in the spring, from the preparation from the coaches, to the strength and conditioning perspective, to how they approach academics, to the spiritual approach and how they develop players off the field.

I highly recommend carving out a few minutes here and there throughout your weekend to take a look at how coach Kelly has structured his program, and take a closer look at the people that touch the lives of his players in South Bend. In Kelly's program, no detail is overlooked, and this video provides a great look at that approach.

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