Infographic: How one HS coach put The Scoop to good use

Brad Dixon is the head coach at Central High School in Camp Point, Ill., and he has a problem. 

Dixon has led Central to a 33-3 record over the past three seasons, with three unblemished regular seasons and trips to the state quarterfinals and semifinals. Coaching is not his problem.

Central is a 1A school, playing in Illinois' smallest classification, which means his ability to field a competitive team is subject to the whims of rising eighth graders. Dixon wrote to us, "We were unable to field a Freshman team for the first time as we only had ten freshman come out for football on our 47-man roster. I saw an infographic on your website from Vanderbilt about the 'James Franklin Era' and I thought I could steal it and turn it into an eighth grade recruiting infographic for our own football team. I wanted to showcase our success over the last three years and make the eighth Graders see that we are 'big time', to make more of them interested in joining football." 

Here's the template Dixon worked from:

And here is Dixon's imitation:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.06.59 PM

That's pretty stinkin' good if you ask me.

But will it work? We'll find out. Dixon meets with his rising freshmen on Friday. 

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