Text goes out about Muschamp and Miami (FL)

While the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis tore through the New York Jets last night, we sent out a text to 25 current college coaches.

“Why can’t Miami (FL) AD Kirby Hocutt figure out that he needs to offer the job to Muschamp?”

The responses we received included:

“Brilliant thought.”

“Good point.”

“Just thinking the same thing.  He has no buyout in his UT contract.”

“He would win big.”

“Yep…UGA and LSU aren’t coming open soon.”

“Muschamp would be HUGE down there.”

“Can’t figure that out either.  Hey, what’s going on at Kent State?” 

“Not sure.  I’m on the road recruiting in Colorado.  Keep me updated on what’s going on.”

"Is Muschamp in New York?  Hell, the AD said WHATEVER IT TAKES. Lol, I read that on footballscoop."

“I keep hearing Tubs is in it.  What do you hear?”

“Imagine their defense with Muschamp as the head coach!!”

“I don’t know, but I’ve got to get outta here.  We have no clue what we’re doing recruiting.”

“He needs to hire me if he gets the job.”

"Call you later.  What's up with Syracuse special teams job?"

"This profession is messed up.  I don't know but he would do great."

"Summy in it?"

"Mus is waiting on Tulane!!! LOL."

At this point, it doesn’t appear that Mack Brown will be retiring any time soon.  Muschamp’s contract states that if he becomes the head coach in 2011, his salary would be $2.25 million.  If he becomes the head coach in 2012, his salary would be $2.5 million.  Muschamp has no buyout clause in his contract.

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