'Winning in the run game starts with understanding that life is a competition'

Fresno State had one of the most prolific passing offenses in the country last season, and while they ran the ball well at times (nearly 5 yards per carry on the season), they struggled to run the ball in obvious run situations.

As offensive line coach Cameron Norcross explained to The Fresno Bee, those situations come down to a competitive drive, and who wants it more. That mindset is something that Norcross is focusing on starting with spring practices.

"You have to continue to talk it, continue to push it. Demand it. You have to make sure that they don't accept being beat, not accept letting someone go in front of you and in my opinion it starts when you walk in the front door of the weight room or you go with your buddies to lunch."

"It's a way of life, being the first one in the door and everything you do, you're competing. Everything in life is a competition, whether you realize it or not, it is. Everything in life is that way."

"You just try to get these guys to understand that -- academics is a competition, the weight room is a competition, study hall is a competition, our Red Dawn workouts is a competition. Everything we do, you have to be competing. That's what I've tried to instill in the whole group since the day I got here."

"There's no time that we're not competing with someone, whether you're competing with yourself or you're competing with a teammate or you're competing with someone else in the conference, there's always someone doing something to try to be better than you."

If Norcross' mission succeeds during spring ball, and the Fresno State offensive unit can somehow duplicate the production that they had last year (while replacing some key players), and start to win the battle in the trenches during obvious run situations, they're going to be a very dangerous team come fall.

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