Quick Hits: Alvarez, Belichick, Harbaugh, and Kevin Wilson

Barry Alvarez denies that Joel Maturi offered him the Minnesota job: “Maturi talked to me a lot about that job and what type of person to look for and what do you look for in the interview process, that type of thing. But, no, he didn’t talk to me about taking the job.”


Up 31-3 at the start of the fourth quarter, Bill Belichick yelled at his team: “We’re playing for 60 minutes, I don’t give a [expletive] what the score is.”


Florida president Bernie Machen on Urban Meyer: “He took us to another level, a level that may be reached but never exceeded.” 


Jim Harbaugh jacked about ticket sales for the Orange Bowl: “We sold 8,000 tickets in one morning after the announcement. That’s more tickets than we sold last year to the Sun Bowl. And that was only the first 12 hours. Our fans and alumni are really excited about this trip, so I think they’ll turn out for us.”

“To bring a team here, myself, is a great honor and to play in such a traditional bowl as the Orange Bowl. Our single focus and purpose for coming down to this game will be to bring back the Orange Bowl trophy.”


Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson want to starting by “winning each day” : “I don’t have a 3 or 5 year plan.  My plan is to win or be the best we can, today.  We want to start today for our seniors, fan base, for our ticket holders.  It’s nice to be great.  We want to be great 3 and 5 years from now, but we want to be the best we can and be great now and max it out.  We want to start winning each day and putting those blocks together.” 


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