Quick Hits: Hocutt, Saban, and Friedgen

Miami (FL) AD Kirby Hocutt explains Al Golden hire, not worried about Penn State: “The fact he’s been a head coach for five years. He has learned. He has grown. He has developed. He’s ready for that next step. He’s ready to come to a program that can compete and win national championships. He’s an excellent communicator. He is very organized, detail-oriented and he’s inspirational. He will inspire this football program to greatness.”

“We talked about that and there’s no doubt in my mind he will be the head coach at the University of Miami long term. Ask him the question and hear his response. Al Golden is very loyal. He wants to be at the University of Miami. He wants to build this program back to the pinnacle of college football.”


Nick Saban talks about coaching and family: "It's taken me a long time to figure out how to create that balance. I used to work a lot later than I work now and I just say 'I can't go beyond this point. "I didn't used to take very many days off."

"We have a lake house, we're gonna go there with the kids and take some many days off to try to create a balance. I think that everybody's got to do that."


Ralph Friedgen says Terps have been “disrespected” by the bowl process: "We are disappointed with the process. I think our players have deserved a lot more support. In a way, they've disrespected our school by this process."


Orlando Sentinel writer Mike Bianchi wrote an article this morning titled, “Is new Gators coach Will Muschamp a Stud or a Dud?” :  Bianchi voted Kellen Moore over Cam Newton for the Heisman, and now he’s putting “Muschamp” and “Dud” in the same sentence.  Call it up, Mike.  Take the week off. 


Quoting Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini: “We've had a lot of ups and downs; it's been a tough season. Then there was all the Miami stuff last week. It's just been an emotional year."


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