Michigan AD explains no offer to Harbaugh or Les Miles

Michigan AD Dave Brandon says he never offered the job to Jim Harbaugh or Les Miles. 


Brandon says, "The job was never offered to them. We did have different discussions with them that were helpful and positive." 

As ESPN’s Bruce Feldman just tweeted, “I also haven't 'offered' Jim Harbaugh the chance to guest-edit my blog tomorrow.” 

Brandon did, however, hire a coach with “something to prove.”

He explained, "This is what he's (Brady Hoke) worked his entire career to be able to do. He is determined to be successful here. I've always believed you never underestimate the power of someone who has something to prove."

Apparently, in Michigan’s mind, talking salaries, assistant coaching pool salaries, country club memberships, 2011 Chevy Tahoe’s, personal use of the private jet, and a suite at the Big House do not constitute a true “offer.”

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