Video: Up close in the action at Clemson's afternoon practice

Dabo Swinney says new offensive coordinator Chad Morris has simplified the terminology of the Tigers’ scheme.

A year ago, Billy Napier would have dialed up, “Storm personnel, flood right, A-peel, Lakers West, Z-space, hitch.”

For the same play this spring, Morris calls, “Flood right, Z-space, hitch.”

Dabo says, “(Last year), you had to call personnel, formation and movement; now we have eliminated a few of those steps in the play-call sequence, and I think that has helped a little bit.”

“That helps with your tempo, but the biggest thing is just the system of it is simpler in how it all fits together. It’s simpler to grasp.”

The Tigers returned to practice field today.  Most of the 3 on 3 and some 1 on 1 action was caught up close on film.

Pretty good film, but we’d like to have Marion Hobby and Robbie Caldwell mic’d up.  Now that would be some good stuff.

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