Todd Graham: We've been running a play every 17 seconds

During his four years as the Tulsa head coach, Todd Graham's teams averaged over 40 points per game three different seasons.  Starting in 2007, the Golden Hurricanes averaged 41, 47, 29, and 41 points per game.

Make no mistake about it, Graham is serious about high octane football.

Just how serious?  If you google the words “Pitt football,” the search will lead you to HighOctaneFootball.com, which is the now the official website for Pitt football.

Alright, that might not be the biggest deal or most convincing evidence, but what about this quote from Graham following Saturday’s practice:

"We’ve been running a play every 17 seconds in team (period).  That’s down from every 22 seconds in the spring.  We want to be around 10 to 12 seconds.  So we’re getting better with our tempo."

Dude is definitely serious about high octane football.

UPDATE: South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson has just puked.

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