Graphic: What it costs to see LSU football in Death Valley

In case you've ever wondered how Les Miles can afford to ride on a chariot of bengal tigers to work (or something like that), here you go.

LSU will switch up its pricing structure for 2014 season tickets to Tiger Stadium. Seven separate pricing structures will be replaced with 11 new tiers, and the highest donation required has risen from $950 to $1,025. There are a few sections where no donation is required, but if you want to sit anywhere else - especially along the sidelines - expect to pay more next season. These donations are required on top of a flat rate for tickets. In 2013, LSU charged $40 for three non-conference games (UAB, Kent State and Furman) and $70 for four SEC games (Auburn, Florida, Texas A&M and Arkansas). So, $400 face value for the tickets plus a fee of between $200 & about $1,000 total for the season depending on where you want to sit. 

Administrators like to point out there's an attendance epidemic sweeping across college football, so look for schools across the board to get more money out of the fans who do pony up season tickets.  

(h/t @CodyWorsham)

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