A lot of people attend the AFCA convention

We love going to the AFCA.  Great place to catch up with coaches, learn some things and share a few laughs.

They always have good instructional courses and very good speakers.  We like all of that. 

Depending on who's counting, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 people attend the AFCA.  If you market anything to coaches, you probably pay the freight and have a booth.  Nothing wrong with that.  

But, here's what we don't get. There are a number of magazines that get handed out at the AFCA. Some of them have good content. Some portion of the coaches there will open the magazines and some will flip through the articles.  Last week, we were approached by a number of publications asking us to advertise in the magazines...at the small cost of a few thousand dollars.  Wait, what?  

Please step back from the ledge.  No, we did not choose to purchase any advertising (never have in 13 years).  

For what it's worth, during the Monday and Tuesday of last year's AFCA, total number of unique visitors to FootballScoop.com was 45,957.  Those 45,000 people visited the site 129,000 times those two days and spent an average of 2:55 seconds with us each time they came.  

If anyone out there wants to invest a few thousand advertising for 2 days, we'd be more than happy to accomodate your needs ().  

That is all. 

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