Mark Dantonio gets a new contract

Here's the run-down of the new contract announced today.  

The agreement is a five year, rolling contract with base salary of $650,000 from the university and total annual compensation of $1.83 million from all sources. The $1.83 million comes as follows:

$650,000 base salary

$869,000 supplemental income

$100,000 shoe / apparel agreement

$200,000 contingent base salary

$13,000 benefits

Additionally, Dantonio's $2 million "longevity" bonus which was due to be earned in 2016 has now been moved up to 2014.  

In making the announcement, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said that, "This agreement doesn't mark a significant increase in compensation; rather it provides security and comfort for the Dantonio family."

He did not say, "That's for you Ohio State." but that would have been pretty funny if he had. 

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