A great coaching point

How many times have you seen the momentum of a game change after a foolish personal foul penalty?

At Monday's press conference Bielema was asked how he prepares his players to keep their composure during the heat of battle, referencing this weeks matchup with Michigan State, who had been flagged for 6 personal fouls last week.  

Bielema responded by saying that he gives his scout teams some added freedom to attempt to provoke the starters.  

"I give my offensive scout, or my defensive scout, team the liberty to kind of say whatever they want and push guys within reason. And I kind of explained this on Tuesday of last year and, apparently, John Moffitt didn't get the message. Actually, Marcus Trotter piped off, and Moffitt snapped and went after him, and was ready to beat the snot out of him, when it’s like, ‘Hey, hey. We told him to do this".

Bielema stressed that he wants to simulate the game day environment as much as possible, and the best way to do that is to rep it during practice.  He added that it's not what happens on game day, but how you react to it, and he wants to concentrate on doing their talking with their pads, between the whistles.

The Badgers travel to East Lansing on Saturday for an 8pm kickoff on ESPN.

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