Another matchup of teacher and student

Golden has said that he learned more football from Al Groh in five seasons than he has anywhere else in his career.

Golden worked under Al Groh for 5 seasons at Virginia learning the in's and out's of Groh's 3-4 scheme.  Groh is now the defensive coordinator for Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech.

Golden went on to say that while he knows the scheme as well as anyone, Groh is always adding wrinkles to his scheme

"There are some core things you see week in and week out, odd defense - Cover 2. You're going to see that. What drives him crazy are free access throws, hitches, all those things a lot of teams give up. He's not going to let you do that. He doesn't want to get beat for explosive plays".

If your anything like us, seeing the student matched up with his former teacher is always fun to watch.  The game will be televised on ESPN at 3:30 EST.


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