Malzahn tweaking his offensive strategy

Malzahn is known for his spread no huddle attack, but this season the Tigers are making a concerted effort to slow things down and control the clock.  

Running back Michael Dyer is ranked second in the SEC in carries, behind only Marcus Lattimore, and in their most recent win against Florida last week, Auburn attempted only 16 passes (to help put things in perspective, Navy attempted 13 last week).

“We’re just trying to do whatever helps our team win and trying to control the clock a little bit more, get some first downs and win the time of possession” Malzahn said.

Credit Malzahn and the rest of the Auburn staff in recognizing their strengths and adjusting to play to them.

They will need as much offensive production as possible this weekend as they take travel to Baton Rouge to take on LSU (3:30 - CBS).

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