Tuberville punishes himself, and entire coaching staff with sprints

After finding the locker room a mess earlier this week, Tommy Tuberville had a little talk with his guys after practice on Tuesday.

Tuberville explained that a big part of the reason that they are sitting at 7 wins this season (7-2 overall) is because of their team discipline, and leaving a mess in the locker room is absolutely unacceptable.

Then came the twist. Instead of running the entire team as a punishment, Tuberville decided to have the entire coaching staff (himself included) run gassers. It looks like most of the coaches can still move quite well, but a few of the players added that the two gassers were all that they could handle.

The team definitely enjoyed the change of pace, and you can bet the staff is going to make sure that the players are taking better care of the locker room from this point on. My guess is that it's going to prove to be an effective strategy.

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